• Silicon Valley Funding Summit 2022

    Location, Agenda and Prizes



    Date/Time: Janvier 4, 2022, 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm PST

    Location: Venetian Resort Hotel Casino's Convention & Expo Center

    Rooms 201-203


    Due to Covid-19, CES will be hybrid in 2022. ENRICH in the USA is thus pleased to organize its Silicon Valley Funding Summit at CES on January 04, 2022 (one day before the show starts!) at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, Convention & Expo center (9:00-6:00 pm pst/local timeus

    This live event is introducing a selection of 30 European (and from associated countries) tech startups to 25+ top US investors (early-stage VCs, business angels and equity accelerators - from the Silicon Valley in majority) and to our ENRICH in the USA soft landing university centers, hubs and ecosystems in Northern California.


    Agenda (pst):

    9:30 am - Perfect Pitch training (2h30 min)

    1:30 pm - Doors open to pick up badges.

    2:00 pm - Introductions and Presentations (30 min) on US-EU Collaboration on Research, Innovation, Trade and Funding - 2022 status and future.

    2:30 pm - Pitch session starts with a 20 min reverse pitch from investors and tech startup ecosystem experts followed by up to 30 EU startups pitching - startups from Europe and associated countries. We will have a 15 min break mid-session.

    6:00 pm - Demos showcase, Networking time and Awards.

    (tentative) Cocktail and VIP reception - shall be covered by corporate and government sponsors. Same room as the Demo showcase room.

    All the pitches are scored by a selected panel of judges.



    → For the top startup
    $1,000 cash prize
    → For the top 10 startups
    Special Access to Enterprise Europe Network transatlantic support services.
    Direct Applications to the ENRICH in the USA soft-landing programs at UC Berkeley Citris Foundry (12 months minimum) - with no interview.

  • Venetian Expo

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    Eureka Park

    Rooms 201-203 


    See checked rooms in yellow.

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