Monday, Jan 6, 2020, Tuscany Suites, Las Vegas, NV


    Connecting accredited investors and corporate partners to global startups.

    Consumer and Enterprise, Hardware, Software, and Big Data - Smart Devices, Smart City, eHealth, FinTech, and more.


    Produced by Angel Launch in partnership with ENRICH in the USA San Francisco Center

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    Contact Us:
    AngelLaunch at +1 (650) 226 3490 or info@angellaunch.com

    European American Enterprise Council representing ENRICH in te USA at +1 (619) 377-8091 or info@eaecouncil.com

    The program is independently produced held one day before a consumer electronics trade show - but is not affiliated with or endorsed by any other trade show or organization.


    We have 10 Tuscany Suites hotel rooms on Jan 6 at only $79. To book call hotel at 702.893.8933 and use Angel Launch code

    AngelLaunch and Enrich in the USA San Francisco Centers are coorganizing a series of one day Silicon Valley Investment Summits for Global Research and Innovation Entrepreneurs, and Global (Deep) Tech startups and Scale-ups, attracting both US and EU entrepreneurs looking for funding and global strategic partnerships.

  • Connecting Silicon Valley, US and foreign financial professionals and investors to global startups and private companies for high level networking and deal-making to build successful ventures

    • Pitch Silicon Valley accredited investors
    • Discover how to raise funding for your startup and pitch Silicon Valley investors and corporate partners
    • Host demo table during networking breaks
    • Presenters Meet investors for private 1 on 1 meetings for speed networking after each pitch session
    • Network over meals with partners, investors and key industry players
    • Understand tech trends and emerging technologies across all industries

    Tickets are affordably priced. Startup benefits includes program, lunch with investors receptions, demo tables and pitch. Learn more here.

    • Agtech, food tech

    • AI, Robotics, Machine Learning, Drones

    • Autonomous Vehicles, Connected Cars

    • Big data, analytics

    • Blockchain, bitcoin, crypto

    • Biotech/Life Science/ HealthTech

    • Clean Tech, Energy

    • Consumer electronics, Devices, Hardware

    • Digital Media, Entertainment, Games, Music, Video

    • Education and Ed tech

    • Energy, Smart City, Clean tech

    • Enterprise and B to B Solutions

    • Fintech and banking

    • Health, wellness, Fitness, Health IT, Medical devices

    • Internet of Things, Sensors

    • Manufacturing and industrial

    • Mobile Apps, Devices, services

    • Real estate

    • Retail and eommerce

    • Security, IT, Infrastructure, Privacy

    • Software, SaaS, SoC

    • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

  • Pitch Your Startup to Meet Accredited Investors and Strategic Partners:


    All sessions feature accredited investors as judges for startup presentations.
    After each pitch session, presenters will go into Demo Showcase and meet with investors for 30 minutes informal meetings. Presenters will be seated at demo tables so investors can find you for further discussions.

    All startups can exhibit in expo hall with demo tables, during meals and networking receptions to maximize exposure.



    • Pitch our audience for 6 minutes total: 4 minutes pitch and 2 minutes q/a from investor judges.
    • Host a demo table in the Demo Showcase
    • Hear expert speakers address tech trends, raising financing, and attracting investors or customers
    • Join Investor VIP Lounge after your pitch session for informal meetings with investors.
    • Attend the VIP Investor lunch and reception.


    Startups pitch investors; hold 1 on 1 meetings in Demo Showcase; network with investors over lunch.
    All investors represent they directly invest in early and advanced startups or manage or advise funds with millions of dollars such as: accredited investors; angels; VCs; corporate; accelerators; incubators.


    1. 101 Islands LLC, Founder, Sunmeet Jolly
    2. Action Spot, Managing Director, Investments Avery Lu
    3. Andelan Ventures, Partner, Jeff Allen
    4. Angelus Funding, LLC, Founding Managing, Member Stephan Reckie
    5. Archimedes Controls, CEO, Wenli Yu
    6. Asymmetrical Alpha, GP, Ryan Baird
    7. Awake VC , General Partner , Amit Rathore
    8. BHG, Managing Partner, Michael Gurevich
    9. Cambridge Innovation Center, Managing Director, Stas Gayshan
    10. Denso Investment Manager, (Corporate Ventures) Donna Taylor
    11. DNA Partners, Managing Director, Joe Jasin,
    12. Elmcore ,CEO F,elix Danciu
    13. Exemplar Capital, Investment Banker ,Wesley King
    14. Faith, Advisory, sho izaki
    15. Fosun International, Senior Investment Director, Eddy Chiang
    16. Fundpire, Investor, Gena Vazquez
    17. GE Appliances, Innovation Manager ,Yaping Cheng
    18. Healthcare Angels, Managing Director ,Mary Jo Poter
    19. Komatsu-X , Managing Director , Masatoshi Ueno
    20. Mahindra Partners , Director, US Venture Investments & Partnerships, Sridharan Amit
    21. MBITA.org , President , TONY LIVOTI
    22. Opus Investment Advisors, President ,James Heczko
    23. Phaenomena West Capital, Partner ,Cindy Wang
    24. Presidio Ventures Inc., Principal ,Yumi Yoshizawa
    25. RedBridge Capital, President ,Cervantes Lee
    26. RTL Management ,CEO , Robson Longwell
    27. Samsung Director, Richard Chun
    28. Samsung Director, Open Innovation, Ramon Alvarez
    29. Scalator Ventures Inc , Partner, Dr Hermann Schindler
    30. SOSV, Investor / Global Mentor, Alan Clayton
    31. Startup Ignition, Managing Partner , John Richards
    32. Startup Ignition,Partner, Tyler Richards
    33. TekStart ,President, Howard Pakosh
    34. Tencent ,Innovation Lab ,Kevin Lau
    35. TheFabric Head, Product and Market Ashutosh Pande
    36. Volvo Group, Venture Capital Investment Director, Dan Tram
    37. Vostoc Ventures, Partner, Sergey Vostrikov
    38. Waymo, Product Manager, Vasily Starostenko
    39. Yardy Ventures, Partner, Alice Zhang


    Jeff Allen



    Managing Director


    General Partner

    Dr. Hermann Schindler

    Managing Partner

    Rodrigo Sepulveda


    Amit Sridharan

    Director, US Venture Investments & Partnerships

    Gene Vazquez


    Sergey Vostrikov


    Jordan Wahbeh

    Managing Partner

  • Investors and Speakers attend for free!
    Apply for comp tickets to meet the most promising global startups selected by our premier partners.

    Learn More Here

    If you are an accredited investor, a verifiable cryptocurrency investor, and/or an ICO investor; or selected as a speaker; you receive a comp VIP ticket if you agree to the options below.
    Send email with "SV Investor" in subject line to investor@angellaunch.com with your name, company, title, and website if you agree to options below. Once we verify, we will send you the code.

    1. Judge a pitch session and speak on panel. Specify Track 1 (Tech) or Track 2 (Blockchain, ICO, Crypto) or both.
    2. Attend lunch

    Qualified investors eligible for comp tickets include:

    • Angels, VCs, and private equity
    • Banks, trading and brokerage firms
    • Crypto, ICO and bitcoin investors
    • Family offices, wealth managers
    • Hedge fund managers, portfolio managers, institutional investors


    With Testimonies...

    Euro Tech Week at CES 2017

    organized by European American Enterprise Council and as Vegas Events ITS

    in partnership with AngelLaunch

    MatchFest at CES 2016

    organized by European American Enterprise Council and AngelLaunch

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    Angel Launch at +1 (650) 226 3490 or info@angellaunch.com

    European American Enterprise Council at +1 (619) 377-8091 or info@eaecouncil.com

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